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View and explore virtually any 3D file in your browser. Invite teammates and clients to work on them in real time, online. Take pictures of models and scenes, or share them directly with a link.

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Not your ordinary 3D viewer

Not your ordinary
3D viewer

Add models to play with, live
and with multiple users.

Free to use and fully transparent

Free to use and
fully transparent

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don't store your models.

We make 3D easy for everybody

The most intuitive way to view and share 3D files.

The most intuitive way to view and share 3D files.

Trying to open a 3D file but don’t have a 3D software installed? Need to show a 3D model to someone and not sure they’ll be able to see it? Using the powerful 3D object viewer provided by 3D Viewer MAX allows anybody to easily view, inspect, and explore 3D files online, and share them with a simple link. We support .glb, .gltf, .fbx, .3dm, .obj, .dae, .stl, .3ds, .3mf, .png, .jpeg/jpg, .heic/heif, and more!
Lets build the metaverse – in good company.

Let's build the metaverse – in good company.

You can add multiple files materials to the same scene, zoom, and pan to get the best view. You can rotate, resize, and rearrange objects as you please. And you can do all this collaborating with other users, interacting with the models all at the same time! They just need a link to access the page and join you in making something extraordinary.
Share your 3D files and scenes anywhere you want.

Share your 3D files and scenes anywhere you want.

When you’re finished you can take pictures of your 3D models from different points of view with the built-in camera to use on your social accounts, send through a WhatsApp chat, or simply attach to an email message. Need more than a static image? Share your entire workspace through a link: it will be available for 24 hours to visit.
A 3D visualizer that opens 2D files wait what .

A 3D visualizer that opens 2D files (wait, what?).

You can see 2D image files in 3D by dragging and dropping them into our free 3D viewer web. Try it with any image file: photos, graphics, and illustrations will be turned into a 3D element automatically. You may also use the model viewer to build a unique scene by adding 3D and 2D files and combining them, making it an asset management cloud platform.

Open, Explore and Share 3D Files in Seconds, Online and Free.

Frequently Asked Questions about 3D Viewer MAX

To 3D-view a model, click the 3D viewer online and drag the desired file type (.glb, .gltf, .fbx, .obj, .dae, .3ds, .3mf, .stl, .png, .jpg, or zipped model) into the viewer to load it. You can then explore the model, zoom in, and add more models and images to the composition. Save as many pictures of the scene as you need. Choose the software that is best suited for the task at hand. If you need to open and update a 3D file on a low budget, Blender is a good option. It’s free and relatively widespread. However, it can be pretty complex to use if you’re not already familiar with 3D modelling software. 3D Viewer MAX helps you open, view, and explore any popular 3D and 2D file types. Our free online 3D viewer app is easy to navigate and focused on what’s most important for the user: quick and easy access to any 3D model. It works perfectly as an .fbx viewer and a .glb viewer too.

Projects using 3D models need a great deal of teamwork. 3D artists will probably charge for every 3D rendering they need to produce to give their clients/project leaders a file format they can visualize, like .jpg or .png. A 3D designer needs sophisticated software like AutoCAD or Rhino to develop and ultimately engage with 3D material, whether working with engineering blueprints, architectural layouts, or industrial plans. Additionally, files with complex 3D information require specific readers, just like PDF documents. However, the majority of 3D modeling programs come with built-in viewers already to 3D-load models. But what happens if neither you nor your clients have access to one of these 3D modeling software? With the help of an online 3d viewer like 3D Viewer MAX, you can examine 3D files without using the original design program, making a portion of the 3D experience accessible to anybody with an Internet connection and a browser from anywhere.

3D Viewer Max allows you to open, view, and explore all the most common 3D file formats: .glb, .gltf, .fbx, .obj, .dae, .stl, .3ds, and .3mf, also in .zip folders. Once added to the viewer, these files can be inspected, resized, and arranged together to create scenes. Our free online 3D viewer also works with 2D files, such as .png, .jpeg/jpg, and .heic/heif. You can combine 3D and 2D files together if you need to, for instance adding a graphic asset such as an image or a logo to a 3D scene.